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Fiona Apple Arrested for Marijuana gets 2 to 10 years in prison


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8 comments on “Fiona Apple Arrested for Marijuana gets 2 to 10 years in prison

  1. t4705mb6 on

    How many years in prison should George Herbert Walker Bush get for decades of running the illegal drug smuggling into the U.S. – literally thousands of TONS of EVERY kind of drug you can imagine?
    Should Cheney be arrested for his Afghan heroin trade?
    And what should the Clintons get for THEIR part in smuggling in cocaine from Mexico, Central & South America? They had 2 teen boys murdered in Mena, Arkansas just for WITNESSING one of THEIR drug drops.
    Should we execute the Clintons?

  2. wbadgerjr on

    this is so wrong. so very wrong, our powers that be give probation to a 50 something man who showed my daughter porn mags and put his hand up her shirt and asked her for sex. sooooooo fucked up it hurts.

  3. TheJohndavid420 on

    What is this checkpoint? You mean they can just pull you over and search your vehicle without probable cause. This is a violation of the fourth amendment. Just as the failed war on drugs needs to be stopped, these actions need to be stopped also.

  4. HorrorAngel666 on

    Time to go door to door and find out which neighbors support murdering kidnapping and robbing people over this stuff,, then remove these diseased people from my planet. The time to cleanse the eorth of violent and ignorant people to save it for the ones who arent scum has arrived.

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