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Angelenos Block Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries…For Now


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Angelenos Block Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries...For Now“We’re letting the city council know that they can’t just come in and trump the will of the people, and that when they do things that are very unpopular, the people can stand up and say stop,” says Don Duncan, California director of Americans for Safe Access. The people did say stop this September in response to Los Angeles City Council’s ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. Fifty thousand Angelenos signed a petition, successfully blocking the ban that was supposed to go into effect on Sept. 6

20 comments on “Angelenos Block Ban on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries…For Now

  1. wetwingnut on

    Now that the children of the free speech / free love movement are in power they’re proving to be less tolerant, more restrictive and more punative than were their parents.

  2. OrthodoxAtheist on

    marijuana is very easy to grow, leaves the soil in better condition than when planted, and can replace many expensive drugs on the market for pain, sleep disorders, and a plethora of other issues. If legalized, drug companies would lose billions of dollars per year, as would other industries like paper and fuel. There’s a reason its kept illegal, and it isn’t because stoners like to giggle and snack. It used to be prescribed for cancer, etc, before demonized.

  3. InvisiMan2006 on

    I’m not stopping anyone from getting stoned. I’m just pointing out that people’s choice to impair their judgement causes harm to others too… death even.

    So if you want to do drugs, just lock yourself in your house first.

  4. InvisiMan2006 on

    “There are different types of IQ tests.” Did you get tested by a trained professional? I have, and the standard IQ test does not use a percentage value…

    Do you think schizophrenia is the ONLY neurological or psychological disorder in existence? Marijuana use is associated with other forms of mental problems, I never claimed it caused schizophrenia.

    Who said to outlaw anything? Restricting drugs is always a good idea, since they tend to be abused too often.

  5. InvisiMan2006 on

    Sorry, but your personal anecdote isn’t convincing. FYI: IQ isn’t measured as a percentage…

    Your link was for schizophrenia … have a look at the study “Persistent cannabis users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife” for the real story.

    Yes, talking on a cellphone while driving IS banned in many places and for good reason. It’s an impairment. What is your point anyway?

  6. OrthodoxAtheist on

    Actually, I think you’d be surprised. Most people over 25 use it for pain relief, sleep and relaxation. Maybe 99% under 25 use it for fun, but that 99% sure drops when considered overall.

  7. Mathias Sorrow on

    One of the most common agruements prohibitionists are useing is that there are too many dispensaries. This is absolutely no reason to shut them down. Over time, just like any other business, only the best will survive.

  8. zEropoint68 on

    I’m all for the rules being for a reason, just don’t let your inflexibility interfere with other people’s lives.
    Every once in a while, not always, but enough to mean you have an impact, the problem is with your perception, not my behavior. People call it medicine for a reason.

  9. helioncry on

    “FYI: IQ isn’t measured as a percentage…” LOL! There are different types of IQ tests.

    “Your link was for schizophrenia … ” schizophrenia IS brain damage in the neurological sense of which cannabis pertains… Do you know anything of which you speak?

    Learn the difference between these two statements: “talking on a cellphone while driving IS banned “& “outlaw cell phones? ” People still text while drive.

  10. helioncry on

    “…damage it does to teens brains.” I smoked pot as a teenager and I am a small business owner with a IQ/Proficiency score of 96%.

    Supposed “damage” is short term at best. Do you even know what a peer reviewed scientific paper is? See:w w

    FYI, most accidents these days are caused by people texting while driving. Does that mean we need to outlaw cell phones?

  11. zEropoint68 on

    I don’t want to do drugs. I want to use the restroom unassisted and get food on a fork to my mouth without dropping it. I want to be able to walk around my house. I want to be able to breathe.
    See, it’s not that a ban would stop anyone from getting stoned (it hasn’t yet). What it would do is torture sick people. I know now what it’s like to live a life without constant, violent shaking, and people want to take that from me because *they* don’t like ‘getting stoned’. How cruel.

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