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Adam pleads “not guilty” at indictment & other important updates


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Adam pleads Carey has important updates regarding Adam and his upcoming trial. Donate: Write to Adam: Adam Kokesh #338454 1901 E. Street SE Washington, D.C. 20003 Adam’s…

20 comments on “Adam pleads “not guilty” at indictment & other important updates

  1. LyleVertigo on

    There were cameras in the home but all storage devices were confiscated, including all DVRs and personal cellphones from everyone in resident in time of raid. This is standard procedure.

  2. BrentV100 on

    I’m pretty sure he’s in jail. Just look at how Fox news interviewed/mocked him while he was in his jail cell, but i guess i really have no proof that he’s really there…. But honestly none of that matters, just listen to what the guy has to say, cuz that is all that really does matter.

  3. wazzy waz on

    I agree with you. I thought he wanted change. I Know alot of people were going to go to the march. And he called it off…Just so he can go by himself?…. WTF. No matter how anyone try to defend is suspicious and he never explained himself. Idk I feel as if people choose to see what they want and ignore that part. I know what you mean though.

  4. streuthmonkey1 on

    Adam’s behavior is very suspicious and he could be on holiday in the Caribbean for all we know rather than in prison. He called for the march on D.C and then abandoned it when he realised loads of people were going to turn up, maybe because he knew this would be a problem for his handlers. He then got ‘arrested’ after his pointless stunt in D.C but in a building full of cameras not one person managed to film anything. He has now disappeared and is saying he is in prison yet there is no proof.

  5. blisstickmystic on

    The right to a speedy trial should get Adam released in November. But there are many Americans in jails and prisons for victimless crimes and mostly for Marijuana that also need to be set free. I believe that Adam has a heart for them and is willing to set it out in jail with ALL the Americans behind bars that should be free. Great Job to Adam for standing so well in a way that very few ever could. Hug him for me if you can Carrie. Adam helps me to be proud like I should be of Humanity. Charge

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