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4.20 million views celebration


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4.20 million views celebrationWe finally got to 4.20 million views, so it’s time to celebrate. Join us for some bowls, some dabs, a joint, some cake, and some questions from Facebook. Our website – Buy a wristband – http Buy a shirt: Send us mail – Follow @r3dband on Twitter – Like us on Facebook – Friend Dan on Facebook – http Friend Mark on Facebook – Dan’s channel – Mark’s channel – Thanks for

20 comments on “4.20 million views celebration

  1. 420FlyingAndHiding on

    there is no mid at a dispensary its defiantly not “mid” ur dumb if u think that because they basically only have 3 rankings, top shelf, middle shelf which is not mid by far, and bottom shelf which is still not mid.

  2. jennifer haze on

    Guy? no baby girl just laughing and dissing pussies like this who smoke weak shit. and dont try to comment me that they dont. cuz then u obviously dont know. everything they smoke is 3rd place at best and if u dont know this whatch weedmaps 2012 denver hightinmes cannabis cup ok GUY. so why would i b mad when im smokin better

  3. TheSmilingDoobster on

    your not dissing pussies or laughing … your account is purely for hating cuz your a weird lil bitch that gets pissed on everyday for trying to act cool on YOUTUBE , pussssssssy boyyyy blocked n socked nigga

  4. bill taylor on

    got to smoke huge bud hash and kief bowls out of my buddys toro yesterday today im gonna dab some hash for the first time, keep medicating and ill keep medicating with you guys doesn’t matter what your smoking on

  5. jennifer haze on

    again im sorry u dont know what your talkin about. your goin off what you hear. Your also missing bomb shelf and top flight shelf. And if you know your weed you will know its midgrade. the bud tender will even tell you that when your in there. Move to a med state get a dr reccomendation and go to a dispensary then tell me. but considering your comments are showing that u dont smoke good weed. so yes that midgrade would seem like some bomb shelf to you lol

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