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Twitter is currently growing faster into the mobile advertising business than either Facebook or…


September 23, 2013


3 MINUTE UPDATE An update in the YouTube app for smartphones and tablets will allow users to download videos to watch offline. Plus a new hacker group for hire has just been found in China.

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Nana ♥’s Troubles – Bubbie’s Christmas Day Vlog !! Only on (HD)


December 26, 2011


Hi! This is Nana watch me and my Hubby made Bubbie! It’s Bubbie Biiiiiiiirch!! I LOVE All my FANS and HATERS (This is Real NaNa!) here is the link to our video w/ my Hubby making Bubbie. It’s on my Facebook account and it’s in my Videos! on.f

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a call to marijuana advocates


April 26, 2011


explanation of why pot advocates that use social networks must, for their own safety, support this effort here

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Buy MDPV Fertilizer


March 6, 2011


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2-24-11 – Full show


February 25, 2011


The Fandick Show – 2-24-11 Co-Hosts – Brother Edward & Skater Pete _________________________ Download the podcast – Listen live – http Subscribe with iTunes – Friend us on Facebook ̵

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Marijuana Grow Tube