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Ep 66 Cannabis Day (Canada) Special – CURING Hd Purple PineCone Huge Bud Sagarmatha Seeds 1080p Buds


July 1, 2011


– ep 66 is here in full 1080p !! HD X)X) – THUMBS way UP X) – How to Cure Marijuana for Flavor…… – hey I kno One Bud wasn’t enough so here is the last batch of Purple Pinecone Curing ( curing is sealing up the tree and

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Bubble Gum medical marijuana –


June 16, 2011


Medical Marijuana strain, “Bubble Gum”. for more information.

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Buy MDPV Fertilizer


March 6, 2011


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Cities Enact Moratoriums On Medical Marijuana


February 26, 2011


Another city joins a growing list of communities looking for ways to regulate legal use of the drug — this time the move is aimed at keeping businesses that sell medical marijuana out of town.

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