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Photos of my Salvia Divinorum Plant – BUY IT


May 16, 2012


Development of my plant from 23.03.2012 to 29.04.2013 Questa serie di fotografie mostra lo sviluppo della mia pianta di Salvia Divinorum a partire dal 23.03.2012 ( 1° foto) fino al 29.04.2012 (ultima foto) ***** Chi fosse interessato ad una pianta come questa

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”Innocent Marijuana” [THC CURES] 2 of 4


September 30, 2011


”Innocent Marijuana continues it’s series now on THC Tetrahydrocannabinol which is found in cannabinoids in marijuana.” In a study THC cured brain cancer in rats/mice.

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Marijuana Treatment for Autistic Children


August 18, 2011


Marijuana Treatment for Autistic Children Dr. Travis Stork: — to save to life especially the life of your children. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to keep them alive? The mom in that video, Mieko is here with us today and you know Mieko you̵

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Smoking Salvia: Good


July 16, 2011


Not Everyone who smokes Salvia freaks out or has a “bad trip”. It can be used RESPONSIBLY.I do not advocate or encourage the use of inebriating substances.This is merely an example of how they can be used in a controlled and personally educational

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Marijuana Induced Psychosis


April 18, 2011


Define reality, if you can do that then you have no concept of reality. This is what I called the experience that happened to me. Whether that is an accurate description is another story. I could ponder for years on what it really was but I feel it all boils d

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