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#The1st28 look in side the studio – Curren$y


March 22, 2012


#The1st28 look in side the studio – Curren$y 1.Rule Book 2.Jekell n Hyde 3.Lean (feat. Fiend) 4.Go (feat. Daz ) 5.Billions (feat. Deelow) #The1st28 look in side the studie Curren$y lean weed kush green ganja marijuana “Cannabis (drug)” smokin

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Hash Oil & Moondust Making “The Bong Rip Method” ala Part 2 HD


March 13, 2012


Bong Rip of shows you in HD Wide screen detail how to make Hash Oil and harvest Moondust using Alcohol. 5 grams of OG Kush is used in the makings. The Kit is purchased at Walmart for 60 dollars. Turn weed, pot, marijuana, cannabis into fine gold oil using R

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Sen. Giovanardi interviene a “Diregiovani Direfuturo” Edizione 2010


July 18, 2011


sostanze stupefacenti sintetiche laboratorio hascisc marijuana mortali ministero Salute polizia accertamenti Diregiovani Direfuturo 2010 society drugs risks drug abuse exchanges best practice cocaine music spot mtv cannabis EU Commission carries italy responsi

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Five Legal Marijuana Herbal Plants (Speed Queen) on Pascalite


May 7, 2011


1 month 1 week old plants, raised just by the light of the Sun, mineral water treated with Pascalite, organic soil without fertilizer, added tiny amounts of cow manure and mixed in with dry Pascalite clay. Five Legal Marijuana Herbal Plants in my window seal f

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Marijuana VS Crystal Meth Funny but true video


February 21, 2011


Ok so this video isn’t owned by TheREALdrugfacts as you can see. But i thought it would be a pretty funny video to show all my watchers. =The main message in the film is that all us drug users aren’t supporting the use of all drugs. And that the te

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Co2 Generator for Stealth Freezer Hydroponic Grow Box for $3.00


February 11, 2011


Created a Co2 Generator for my Stealth Freezer Grow room For Growing Hydroponic Medical Marijuana! Please Comment Subscribe , I’ll take Helpful Hints Tips Tricks ! Please Thanks for watching!

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Marijuana Grow Tube