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TGA Subcool Jillybean Harvest


July 29, 2012


Matt Mernagh harvest TGA Subcool Jillybean marijuana strain. Not too many people grow Subcool marijuana seeds in Toronto, not sure why this one turned out fantastic.

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2-400 watt marijuana medical grow solfarmer update 9


February 10, 2012


-9th update- vortex – 52 day of flower- almost there jillybean – 28 day of flower- greencured zensation – 1st day of flower, greencured carnival – looking great cloning – so far so good clones – super growth this week

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2 400 watt medical marijuana grow solfarmer update 1


December 19, 2011


1st update of the basement ops vortex 2 months apollo 13 2.5 months jillybean 2.5 months zensation 1 month 2 400 watt cool tubes each in 4x2x6 box T5 6tube 4foot in 4x2x5 tent 125 watt cfl and 6 23watt in 2x2x4 box I’m returning what was so freely given

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Day 37


February 14, 2011


Jillybean starts off it’s 6th week in bloom as Space Queen is 1 more day away from starting Week 4. Drove to San Francisco and stopped in at Berkeley Patients Group, a famous medical marijuana dispensary. I picked up some much needed Space Queen clones t

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Marijuana Grow Tube