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Dinafem Sweet Deep Grapefruit Flushing


July 29, 2012


FLushing the marijuana nutrients in Dinafem Sweet Deep Grapefruit. This is a beautiful cannabis strain people would really enjoy growing. Dinafem produce wonderful easy to grow marijuana seeds.

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Medicinal Marijuana. Day 14 of flower. Fed yesterday, watered today..


April 2, 2012


Food yesterday, water today. Videos around 4:20 all month long… Put up the ceiling and topped a few of the new girls. This is day 14 of flower. Let it GROW -Paulie Walnuts

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Medicinal Marijuana Flower Day 1 Chem Dog Sour Candy White Widow 1000 watt grow room


March 18, 2012


100% legal according to the state laws of Maine. 1000 watt advanced nutrients HPS ballast and bulb. 3 gallon buckets. 7×7 room. Flowering light cycle Day 1 week 1. Advanced nutrients. Fafard f15 soil. Distilled water. 3 chem dog (greenhouse seed co.) 3 wh

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1800watt autoflower grow update #9 1of2


May 20, 2011


Day 50. New 240v light controller. Room now measures 5×12. Tomorrow will be 2400watts! Russian Rocket Fuel and IL Diavlo are being flushed. Will post part 2 of this video when i get my order installed tomorrow.

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3600w Grow room – Flowering Day 6


February 1, 2011


Day 6 of my DinaFem Critical + grow. 6x600w HPS , 36 plants in coco w/ a drip irrigation system. Featuring Advanced Nutrients.

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Marijuana Grow Tube