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For Micro-Dab power hitters, the ultimate bundle: 2 Micro-Dabs & bestselling User Guide


July 10, 2012


Bundle & save! We are bundling 2 Micro-Dabs with the BRAND NEW 56-page bestselling print version of the “Micro-Dab User Guide” which features step-by-step instructions on getting full use from your Micro-Dabs. It features all four volumes of t

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Micro-Dab: world’s 1st & only portable all-glass vaporizer(now vapes marijuana, hash,& kief)


June 27, 2012


Micro-Dab is the most efficient, best tasting vaporizer on the market. 1000 hits/doses per gram of hash oil, butane honey oil, wax, budder, or CO2 semisolids. It can vape hashish, small amounts of medical marijuana, and kief. Do not load past 1/4 of the bowlpi

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Stealing Wallets and Dabbing Marijuana Concentrate


May 29, 2012


Here’s a brief radio clip of Rela Teone talking about how a couple thought he stole their wallet. In between the guys dab some luscious marijuana concentrates. Circle Radio? Yum. This is how we do on the Marijuana Radio Network. All creative/visual eleme

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