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DIY Budget Grow Room Part 2


November 30, 2011


This is an update to the original DIY grow room video: showing the plant progress as well as describing how to put up the 4th wall and install the zippers. ~Free Royalty Free Music by Thank you for viewing, please Subscribe.

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Soleus 4&1 grow room unit.


September 17, 2011


Soleus 4 in 1 ac,dehumidify,heat,fan This unit is fucking awesome…. In terms of getting control of my grow area, it is perfect and will allow for better overall health of my plants.

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The Scientific Priesthood: Global Warming and ‘The’ Holocaust


July 26, 2011


Comment section: My last statement should have been: “since the atheist knows nothing about the Bible, even though he can see the bullshit that God is without reading it.” I know it’s not the case that atheists have not read the Bible, but as

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Study: Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Bad for the Environment


April 17, 2011


A new study found that growing pot indoors uses one percent of U.S. electricity and cost the country five billion dollars in annual electricity cost.

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Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Bad for the Environment


April 16, 2011


Transcript by BY KRISTEN BRODY ANCHOR JESSICA HORD You’re watching multisource environment video news analysis from Newsy. Pot Smokers of America listen up! Your green pastime ain’t so green… or at least that’s what Evan Mills of the La

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Marijuana Grow Tube