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Salvia 80x Out Of A Gravity Bong! Best Trip Ever!


August 17, 2011


This is an old video, about a year and a half, that I recorded off of my old youtube channel since it’s not on there anymore. I had to put this up again cuz I think it’s fucking hilarious. The best way I can describe what my trip was like is about

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Sex Drugs AndThe Cold War


May 22, 2011


Netspend visit also need to enter this referral code – 5519610715 Using a number of old documentaries this film looks at how sixties youth counter-culture clashed with older people’s values of ‘moral decency’. Many of the clips are quit

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80x salvia first time trip


April 6, 2011


Orlando’s crazy 80x salvia trip, it was his forst time.

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