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What Happens When I Smoke Dried Salvia Leaves


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What Happens When I Smoke Dried Salvia LeavesI had experienced the dried leaves a few times yesterday, and then after this experience today I felt inclined to make a video describing the effects. Overall, the dried salvia leaves offer…

5 comments on “What Happens When I Smoke Dried Salvia Leaves

  1. tehboxnoob on

    I missed You man! Your videos are super interesting, been following You for
    years! I have yet to try salvia, partially because it is illegal where i
    live but mostly because i fear the intensity people describe. Have You
    suffered any like post traumatic stress or anything of the kind from your
    wildest trips?
    I might try the leaves, from what you described it sounds way more

    Thanks for the report! :)

  2. Mike Thomas on

    I can relate when you say “lines” for me it was like when a book is half
    open at the spine of the book you can see all the edges of each page, all
    the lines of pages were flicking past me, right back from child hood, lines
    of other comrades, a bit like being let out of school early, that kind of
    feeling and everyone’s happy and excited just to exist. It’s the best
    teacher, you get what you need not what you want lol 

  3. 2ruthfox82 on

    if everyone tried this stuff, the world would be a better place! I had my
    experiences back in 09, but when I think about it, it takes me right back
    to that state of mind, and realize that, that second in time I still
    swirling around me right at this moment! the shit is amazing, and can be
    life changing. it taught me that we are all connected on levels that very
    few will ever comprehend… either that or one day science will catch up
    and verify what we have already forgotten, peace homie stay blessed!

  4. PeaceLoveLightTruth . on

    P(LA)n-t ME-d-ic-IN-e )))
    .. thanks for sh-A-RinG !!! – )))

    BE HappY ))

    ps … “time” is a LA-N-guage to de-SCRIBE OUR “”” NoW “”” moMEnt-s …
    NO-thin-G MORE + withOUT exception )))
    … and, NO time = the END TI-ME’S for those who be-LIE-ve in ti-me -(((
    ha ha HA )))
    … and means, the “people” WE enCO–U–NTer on OUR J-OUR-nIEs = ARE US )))

    … l-ET GO-l …
    … aNd dNa …
    1+S+1+E+1+E+1 = C+1+C = 1 “in’ 33 = O+N+E ))))
    ha ha ha )))

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