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SALVIA … (Trip Stories)


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SALVIA ... (Trip Stories)I honestly wouldn’t recommend smoking Salvia to anyone. It’s just a big unknown as far as studies and side effects are concerned. If it had any real construc…

18 comments on “SALVIA … (Trip Stories)

  1. CartertheonlyHooks on

    +Lie4ADub84 hear me out this is mind blowing what if the air we breathe is
    really a drug that makes us see a dazed version of the world but when
    people take real “drugs” and trip they see the real world and thats why
    they are illegal like this up guys bring it to the top and get this noticed

  2. Jimbolalo on

    I remember trying salvia out here in Las Vegas after high school. Man was
    that weird as fuck we were tripping that it lasted more 30 minutes hahaha

  3. Blade Stamen on

    salvia made me trip out lol, felt like a was being sucked into a black
    hole, then i woke up a couple minutes later drooling on myself, needless to
    say i never tried it again lol

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