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Salvia Trip Report – Workers in the Wallpaper


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Salvia Trip Report - Workers in the WallpaperThese notes were taken within hours of having the experience. The effects came on so fast, I was still standing up when they took over.

7 comments on “Salvia Trip Report – Workers in the Wallpaper

  1. moroccanwolf27 on

    Bro I’ve had a similar experience via salvia, I want to be able to try and
    master that state to unlock secrets of this illusion…..If life is my game
    then I can change to rules…

  2. Eco Tree on

    They say following recent research that dolphins speak to each other as if
    speaking in music. Think of the song here comes the bride, it says what it
    means in music but you don’t need the words, perhaps the chant is similar,
    tonely you know what they are conveying if you listen.

  3. Eco Tree on

    I remember being born and just prior too, I am seeking to explore this
    unusual memory with Salvia or Ayahuasca some day. It’s like an itch you
    can’t scratch, I remember five entities around me telling me I had to go
    and me saying I don’t know them they are not my family, but I can’t
    remember what the entities looked like other than knowing they were my
    family not the earth ones I was joining. Most strange!

  4. ChannelFadge on

    hey man, what you were saying about things being chanted into existence
    before you thought them. I read something about how free will might be
    imaginary but the brain tricks us into thinking we are controlling our
    actions. like if we go to pick something up off the floor, the part of the
    brain that moves the body parts necessary starts a split second before the
    decision part of the brain decided to pick up the object. we are actually
    acting before we decide to, therefore we have no free will at all, just a
    simulation of it. not sure if that is true but just that what you said
    reminded me of it

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