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Salvia Trip (real bad with confession)

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Salvia bad trip

7 comments on “Salvia Trip (real bad with confession)

  1. gstanz67 on

    If you would take the time to do a little research before indulging in experiences that you have never indulged in before, you might actually experience what the substances intended purpose is. Salvia is not something to be taken by people who are not seriously seeking answers about our existence and answers about themselves. Your external enviornment is the #1 most important thing to set up beforehand to ensure you have an enlightening experience and not one that freaks you out…

  2. gstanz67 on

    At the moment you completely leave this reality and slip over to an ajoining one whatever stimuli is present will determine what you experience while there.For me the first time i did it i had the tv on and as i was struggling to answer what was happening and how i could stop it every question i came up with in my mind the voice on the TV answered how everything i came up with was not going to work. It started to aggravate the hell out of me and scare me a little.Your enviornment needs to be.

  3. gstanz67 on

    dimly lit, and very soft music can be played as long as it contains no lyrics. Ask the universe to show you , in a gentle and non-threatening way, any answers that you are seeking or what you may need to know at this time or leave it up to “the salvia gods” or whoever or whatever is controlling this experience, to show you what you need to see. Think about a memory that makes you feel happy, safe, and confident and stress free. Remeber to tell yourself there is nothing to fear. Now hit bong

  4. rysanbeans on

    Yer ino kinda no that stuff ive done it b4 in the video im the one helping my mate to relax because i coulnt keep hom sitting down, plus that was his first real trip becuz he doesnt do drugs

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