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SALVIA Took Over This Guy’s Body


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SALVIA Took Over This Guy's BodyRussham tripping on 80x Salvia. This is how it’s done folks.

3 comments on “SALVIA Took Over This Guy’s Body

  1. AquariusEddie on

    What brilliant thing is that he is remembering almost everything in that trip. Which means, he has a strong photographic memory. I wish he had this experiment in more relaxing environment. That might boost his vision way better.

    To describe this feeling is very hard to explain but I felt like; that I was a computer and some external power took away my RAM memory while the hard drive was running…
    So that’s explain why most of us don’t remember anything properly after trip is over. 😉

  2. Anew2012 on

    Sheesh..yall laughed through the whole experience…. he kept asking yall whats so funny but yall wouldn’t answer him ..please use these tools responsibly and glad he’s cool. Salvia is very powerful and lets you see the illusion of life

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