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salvia is the freedom herb !!!! ( trip report )


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salvia is the freedom herb !!!! ( trip report )sharing my salvia exsprience and the possible benefits that i felt when i took it.

7 comments on “salvia is the freedom herb !!!! ( trip report )

  1. filmtress on

    I have astral projection experiences already but I can’t contol them yet. Meaning I can’t take them when I want or maybe I can because I said aloud one night before going to sleep that I want to visit the “Crystal City” in africa. The next night I did! I was just a flash and was so beautiful. I’ve always treated folks humanely. Where I”m from it’s still legal (I think) I haven’t used it. I don’t want to smoke it. My DNA is opening. Would you say your DNA & Pineal Gland’s been opened too?

  2. eddie williams on

    i think the pineal gland is suppose to be the pathway to spirituality. i dont think i have gone forward or backward i’am at a stand still. if you can lucid dream i think your own your way.

  3. filmtress on

    I’ve hear other experiences where people reported not ony ‘outof body experiences’ but they said reality folded up right in front of them and that they could see other being staring at them. They report that we’re in a holographic universe and that our existence on earth isn’t real or rather all ther is. They say we create our own world. YOu know what’s scary is that I can’t wait to get up outta here. Yet, others having tried it are now sure they want to stay on earth. What am I missing?

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