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Salvia Divinorum Trip Report (Disclaimer In Description)

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DISCLAIMER: This video is not to be construed as condoning or supporting the illegal use of any substance, rather, it is for informational and harm-reduction purposes. Probably the fourth or fifth best substance I tried- and I did it profusely, about two dozen times or so.

20 comments on “Salvia Divinorum Trip Report (Disclaimer In Description)

  1. epicherooftime on

    Salvia is the most interesting substance I’ve ever used. I’ve done it about 7 times. Each was a horrible experience, but for some reason I’m manically curious to do it again.

  2. greysquare7 on

    I’m a INFJ according to this (humanmetrics (DOT) com. I took the test awhile ago, say within the last 6 months. I don’t really understand its depth or what that breakdown means for me as a person, or if it’s a permanent, unchangeable thing. I love how Jung’s work seemingly works through occult understandings.

  3. BlackGathering on

    Salvia Divinorum was the most powerful scaryest experience i have ever had in my life my hole reality was stripped away everythig was gone it felt i was floting in an endless space tumbling end over end the was not giggeling no fun all the colors were dark colors like black browns and greys verry verry bad trip

  4. TheWunWhoIzEpic on

    Did salvia once hoping to have a powerful experience, but was scared out of my mind. Felt like my spirit was leaving my body and feeling like I had died. Felt really good and loved life afterward, maybe like a near death experience, so perhaps worth it. Not doin that again for a while though.

  5. ChronMan24 on

    At university I got my roomate to try it, and I said it was like vibrations that take over your body and the world looks all meshed together like 1 being. After he smoked it he said I shouldve said it would have destroyed his whole world view. We were on top of a big car garage and he said he saw castle newark and all of its glory.

  6. Optics06 on

    I remember my trip very well-It was a complete eye opener for me! Much of it I thought that my whole world had sucked inward and that all of reality was not real. Long story short…the conclusion of this was a very calming realization that our visual film is what we make it second by second and its up to us for u r the creator of your own universe! One Star-One Brain and 1 whole BIG yet small creation!

  7. jamesodinson on

    So its ok for you and your buddies to trip out on these goodies because you label it “Spiritual enlightenment”, but if me and my buddies go hiking or just chill out by the river while using and simply call it “good times” then we are in the wrong AND have small minds?!? Maybe you should have waited for the drug to completely wear off before making this report? lawl

  8. FoundationsofPause on

    I agree with the whole 80x thing, that’s just a number the creators make up. Any extract will do you fine hoho. I think about salvia all the time, do I ever dare to do it again? We’ll see, maybe one day. Still have some in my closet sealed away. Can’t say that about many drugs, most get gobbled up right after acquiring. I felt like I was staring inside my brain with imagination saying yes to everything. Normally your brain is saying no. Not on saliva.

  9. ChronMan24 on

    HEY theres a difference between small minded and entheogen experienced. Before I tried salvia I tried on LSD and DXM many times so my mind wasnt blown nor did I have a spiritual experience, but I did experience salvia.

  10. BlackGathering on

    they only time that i no of that some jumped out a window on LSD was that CIA blind test where they spiked a CIA office worker water with LSD and he didnt no he was just on LSD thought he went insane so he killed him self by jumping out a window lol

  11. BlackGathering on

    actually it has only been used my natives for like 200 years acording to terence mckenna and the natives sed and it just apperd in the land that it hasnt always been here

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