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Salvia Divinorum Info/Trip Details

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*please rate and comment* Info and trip details about Salvia Divinorum

2 comments on “Salvia Divinorum Info/Trip Details

  1. TheThrashZone on

    the first time i tried salvia i didn’t know what it even was and i tried the 40x extract, and i felt like my whole body was vibrating with energy. i think the reason i felt that way was because the bass from the stereo was quaking the whole room. i felt like i was in a dream world as well. i also got some visual hallucinations were i saw like a circle of hands and a strange scene witch i can’t remember too well.

  2. FletcherHabit on

    @TheThrashZone well if I may just say, we *are* energy vibrations deepest down.. power plants can help remind us of this as they are consciousness catalysts. ~peace

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