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Salvia Divinorum Experience (My Trip)

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Video Created October 15, 2011 1:09AM Hi all, I wanted to share with everyone of all ages that if you find it hard to astral project, don’t understand what people mean when we say we are one and together we are GOD, how mother earth is a live entity, how life is a game and we chose to be here, how we are not really physical but we are PHYSICALLY FOCUSED and how everything that you see includuiing people are an extension of you. Through meditation and giving myself to the universal energy, i aske

2 comments on “Salvia Divinorum Experience (My Trip)

  1. greensings on

    Hi guy
    Love your thoughts. I’m with you on this not that you need anyone to be:)
    Don’t know who Salvia Divinorum is yet
    But very Abraham hicks sound bytes for me .
    Keep expanding. How big can we get?:)
    It sure is fun exploring that.

  2. Anew2012 on

    @greensings you awareness and expansion is infinite. You can be whatever you can imagine.. literally… if your soul decided to manifest as a unique sea creature, it could do that on earth or in a different reality. The power in us permeates through this cosmic magic universe. You are the universe because you’re literally connected. Separation is really an illusion in it’s deepest sense.

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