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Salvia 50x Trip Explained


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Salvia 50x Trip Explained

11 comments on “Salvia 50x Trip Explained

  1. tadios mann on

    I wish I was brave enough to do it again……I dunno how you are able to handle your daily life as usual after Salvia showed you it was fake/illusion….I found it to be a very scary drug..:)

  2. Uiriamu Sozen on

    Have you ever done DMT? It sounds similar with the entities, but in DMT they don’t speak like you described, it’s like they talked through symbols and shapes.

  3. phillyprodigy09 on

    I wish I could draw a picture of what we both experienced.. It sounds like the same experience I had sort of.. It’s like we all have out higher selves sleep in this dream state and we are the avatars of the high selves looking through binoculars as the higher self controls US as video game characters… I was shown it was a game.. An illusion but all for the purpose of expanding the Universe with random beingness. Salvia is amazing amazing amazing

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