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Removing Power From The Ego

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UPGRADED PHOTO PAGE: If you hold on, you will often feel bad about things being told to you. If you let go, you will laugh/smile much more frequently/intensely. ^^^ these words apply to LIFE/DEATH/EGO ^^^ Just some advice if you ever happen to smoke salvia: Surrender control to the plant. If you hold on, its going to suck. The experience of a salvia trip is that of leaving your life and entering death. You can not be prepared for it. So just let go! 🙂 hope you are

20 comments on “Removing Power From The Ego

  1. NowExperience on

    Heya! Yeah, thats really a fact. The ego is the “gas” that you burn to go to the higher self. During this transformative period this is a great key for adapting to our new realities. Learn how to laugh from all ego’s delusions. Take a step back and dont take life so serius. This is a journey and its supposed to be fun.

  2. gstanz67 on

    The energy or life force that make up our existence as a whole, is God. God also needs to evolve through knowledge for not even God knows everything.In order to gain this new knowledge it decided seperate itself into what we now know as the human race in order to gain the wisdom from many different aspects of life.But in order to ensure that the knowledge of what was already known of the universe was supressed or forgotten while experiencing this form of life the subconciouss was created…….

  3. gstanz67 on

    .Now this can ONLY be accomplished if the host body has more than just a need to survive and exist. This is where the EGO was created and placed into the brain of each one of us. As well as the Id for females. Without the Id and the ego these bodies would never desire more than mere existence and survival until death turns them off.If a tree had an ego it would probably have evolved into something more than just a stationary piece of wood

  4. whey80 on

    Only thing that may be a problem with death is if we start existing in a even lower dense state of consiousness than now, i dont know if it’s likely lol

  5. whey80 on

    Dont believe i have big chance for that :-), maybe more likely for a ignorant individual, feels that im already been here a long time, always felt that, just how things have been settup here in this realm is questionable,unfair and very add makes me live in a fantasyworld compared to others, sometimes i feel like an outsider because i see thru most bullcrap others see as logical. Peace

  6. gstanz67 on

    So you see the EGO is an essential part of the human body that drives it to further evolve and seek new knowledge.But needs the subconcious to store new info and supress the knowledge it carries within it in the form of the spark of GOD i mentioned earlier.

  7. gstanz67 on

    In each of us is a spark of that original creator that is exeriencing everything each human body goes through before the body dies.It has to be there to gain the knowledge but needs to be supressed so that it doesn’t interfere with the free will of the host body. The pieneal gland is where this entity is housed and controls the removal of subconcious memories through dreams and the storage of knowledge learned in these bodies.

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