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Quidding Salvia Divinorum


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Quidding Salvia DivinorumCan you get high from chewing Salvia Divinorum leaves? Lets find out!

19 comments on “Quidding Salvia Divinorum

  1. Notof Thisworld on

    i guess you’re not sapoto swallow the wont hurt you its just the stomach acid destroys the effects of the salvia.i guess your sapoto just hold the juice in your mouth for a certain amount of time

  2. Yarcofin on

    Could have rolled tighter and removed stems to reduce the bulk. Mouthwash first was a good idea though. The only thing I noticed from chewing 30 leaves was my legs felt very light for about an hour afterwards, like reduced gravity.

  3. Karmaghna on

    I’ve read that after a good chew you should lay down in a dimly lit/dark room. Of course this would make for a crappy video. Anyway, thanks for torturing yourself for my benefit.

  4. shanrocks777 on

    You need to give it a good 15 mins saturating in your mouth. I did oral tincture and held in it for a painful 15 mins (I don’t recommend the tincture because it burns your mouth). The good thing is that you soon forget about the pain once it kicks in and you feel a not too strong but uniquely curious euphoria. You pay for it later, though, because your mouth is sore for days afterwards. Next time do the 13 leaves for 15 mins. Quidding leaves is better than tincture, if do enough for long enough.

  5. ChannelFadge on

    check my mushroom spawn bag vids… hopefully ill have some of that too soon lol, salvia is totally different though so thats why I like both. and yeah I always wear odd sock lol. cheers!

  6. Aarkreinsil Feldovokaaz on

    I can’t really chew those thingies. The leaves break apart completely after just a few minutes, and then I start drooling so heavily that my mouth almost bursts from all the slobber after 10 minutes xD

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