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One of the Last 120x Salvia Trips

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Since the videos are already out there that caused this ban, I wanted to make a video that shows someone who’s not losing bodily function and is able to enjoy himself (me). I took one hit of some 120x with a little nug on the bottom as a screen, smoked out of a bowl. My only experience with it before this was some 5x I got a few months ago, smoked out of a bong, but the transition to 120x in a bowl didn’t bother me at all. Salvia does have some, at least brief, therapeutic properties, as it make

2 comments on “One of the Last 120x Salvia Trips

  1. loogieman2 on

    @MrRiggyRiggs Well, I didn’t take a big enough rip. However, salvia temporarily impairs motor functions, so you can “have the time of your life” on it, but you’re not going to be able to very easily get up and do stuff. Driving on it is also an absolute no-no, in my opinion. A friend of mine took a rip 3 times the size of mine and was unconscious for 20 minutes, but he had never done salvia before. You don’t want to go out in public on this. Thanks for your input.

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