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My salvia trip x120

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It was salvia zone branded salvia. Blue level. This was like, my 6th salvia trip or so. I dont remember much, but it was fucking intense. when i was moving around with my arms it was like i was falling into a downward spiral.That shit was crazy. I got up in such a hurry and kept saying i’m okay because i wanted it to stop. Right after i went inside and found my cigs, i was sweating like crazy. So much that everyone walked inside to find me in my boxers. Salvia is a crazy drug people, do not be s

2 comments on “My salvia trip x120

  1. RhYaNe21 on

    Holy Shiiit dude, that looked like you left your body and took off! I really want to try it but i tweak the fuuuuck out on every drug i take so we’ll see.

  2. KingCannabis100 on

    @RhYaNe21 well salvia’s REALLY intense haha. i think im done with it. this trip was crazy. its just kinda trippy losing your sense of reality. if you try it, i guess start out witha low dose. i went with an intermediate dose my first time and i was fine, it was actually a loot of fun, but thats just me. salvia is intense as fuck.
    if you do try it, i recomend closing your eyes. you’ll feel like your in a keleidoscope haha.

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