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My Salvia Trip (Violent)

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20 comments on “My Salvia Trip (Violent)

  1. thegoodlocust on

    1. Laughing like that is common. That happened to me my first time.

    2. The experience is based on dosage, personality/brain structure, environment, intent and other random factors.

    3. It is completely safe. It may scare you and a lot of idiots take it who shouldn’t. I suspected ahead of time that I would be fine with it due to my very long experiences with lucid dreaming and very high level of dream control – I was correct.

    4. It should stay legal – even if you don’t like it.

  2. leboneesee on

    @jillianelsegood No I saw your last video but I never heard of that stuff before then.. I’m kinda one of those people who are in the dark about everything..

  3. thegoodlocust on

    @jillianelsegood It is certainly more potent, but I wouldn’t say it is lethal. AFAIK it is extremely safe to consume, similar to LSD, and you only have to worry about accidents under its influence.

    Considering the immobility caused by salvia I don’t think a lot of accidents will occur on it. Conversely, I’ve seen far too many people drive while smoking MJ.

    Personally I think people use much higher doses than is prudent – x5 is plenty, x10 is about the absolute limit.

  4. dannycsn on

    @jillianelsegood yup i did i known them stuff for a while only if other people would wake up….ahahha that guy with the you have nice boobie comment made me laugh lol …

  5. breakinmedia on

    I have done salvia twice, first time was fooked up, second even more so. first time, i was lying on my bed felt like my head was being opened by a can opener. with my mind being pulled out. had my eyes closed and felt something clawing me on my chest. didn’t realize my friggin cat was under the bed. freaked me out thought my cat was evil lol

  6. AdoreLucifer on

    LOL that was funny shit.

    Salvia is great for trips, as far as I’m aware, it ain’t addictive, but sure it can make you sick 😉
    But then, so can wine LOL.


  7. RedSkyNord on

    My friends smoked salvia in my apartment last summer and it scared the shit out of me. It seriously reminded me of an exorcism. People don’t get curious about smoking salvia after seeing how hard of a trip it give you lol.

  8. jillianelsegood on


    Yes, and like I said someone who has experience. Also I don’t have a problem with it’s being legal. I was just making a comparison between the two herbs and how the one that is far more potent and lethal is attainable in our corner stores, but not weed.

  9. jillianelsegood on


    For me, I’d never heard of it! I went into the store to get something, saw it there, and asked what it was. The Indian lady said you smoke it. So obviously I was sold, and being a weed smoker thought that it be like that. So I bring it back into the car, showed my friends and then drove to the place. Thinking back, wtf was that lady thinking? :s

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