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Maryjane’s BEST ONLY Salvia trip… NEAR DEATH


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Maryjane's BEST ONLY Salvia trip... NEAR DEATHThis only the first 3 minutes. …after this things got real crazy…over 20 trip….couldent even film too busy chasing her….claims to have entered the spirit world….mad because I pulled her out.

2 comments on “Maryjane’s BEST ONLY Salvia trip… NEAR DEATH

  1. Rion Kolsteeg on

    This is not a funny situation. You shouldn’t be laughing when you can
    obviously tell she can’t handle the trip. I have done SD and I know what
    she is experiencing. Its as if the world falls apart and you are part of
    it. Like everything is attached to some sort of membrane that spins around
    and somehow creates our reality. Its hard to describe and understand and
    can be very frightening as its almost like dying. If you don’t respect this
    drug you will get a bad trip.

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