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How Salvia Has Changed Me


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How Salvia Has Changed Mein this video I describe how my personal use of Salvia has changed my experience and understanding of life.

12 comments on “How Salvia Has Changed Me

  1. WhistlersBrother on

    Regarding all things being the same thing… Totally agree. This reality,
    where things appear separate, is kind of like the very outer surface of a
    head of broccoli. On the surface it’s a thousand little individual
    flowers, but if you look a little further beneath the surface, it’s
    actually one big head of broccoli, and every one of those flowers emanates
    from one central stem. Humans don’t know they’re part of the big head of
    broccoli… I experience this life as an individual flower because most of
    the time my awareness cannot access that part of our consciousness that
    exists in the dimension where the oneness of it all is unavoidable,
    overwhelming, and more real than real.

    Cheers! Great video.

  2. Alan Jensa on

    Thank you. I was feeling shitty and you’ve relaxed me a ton. I’ve felt the
    same but from mushrooms/meditation/dreams…I’d love to try Salvia
    sometime. I always find it amazing how, when you’re REMINDED of the
    experience…you can’t believe you got caught up in all that stress before!
    And yet, the lesson always slips away from me…and comes back again. And
    when it comes back, I just burst out laughing because it’s hilarious how
    caught up in bullshit i was! And it repeats, you forget, and take it
    seriously, suffer…weird weird weird

  3. matywaldy on

    have you heard the song “Salvia” its by a band called focus,they also have
    a song called hocus pocus,check it on utube,youll absulotly love
    it,expecially hocus pocus,let me know richie

  4. Nikki Williams on

    if you haven’t already, you should read a few books by joel s. gildsmith.
    ive never did salvia but im very into Truth. your video was amazing. i
    could relate with every word! it is simply the miracles of Gods Grace! 

  5. matywaldy on

    tall me about the people being stressed and drama.I relax alot like you do
    richie,but its the others around me that are moaning about money and shit
    jobs and just a load of fucking bullshit I just dont need to here every
    day.Im starting a new life soon and I will be well away from it :>),bit
    scared of whats round the corner.totally agree that stess causes cancer and

  6. batfly on

    You are everything… However, when you speak to others about the
    experience of knowing you are everything you are only able to convey to
    others how knowing that affects your ego… Your ego is a filtered
    perspective or a tunnel vision of
    of The ALL. 

  7. shoveit944 on

    Good stuff as always. It’s great to hear the complete respect you have for
    the plant. All my salvia experiences came at a younger age than I am now,
    and a much more naive time in life. Unfortunately the state I live in has
    made Salvia illegal so for the time being I can not approach the plant in a
    different manner…. However, I have been recently experimenting with a
    different molecule that you can probably guess what it is. Your approach,
    and take on this has been influential to me thinking of starting a YouTube
    channel to discuss my own experiences.

  8. Eco Tree on

    I love your overviews, thank you so much. Please let’s have more detail of
    your sessions to enable us to understand what we might expect. Is each one
    different or does each one extend from the last one. How long do they last
    and do you get flash backs as in LSD.

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