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DMT Trip – Remembering Eternity


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DMT Trip - Remembering EternityAn example of my stream of conscious writing. Song: https://

14 comments on “DMT Trip – Remembering Eternity

  1. Scott Riggs on

    great video man, glad i came across this
    like you DMT changed my life and opened my mind to things that would never have been possible. It is such a beautiful experience and i feel like everyone should open themselves to it. cheers mate, keep the writing/narrating up!

  2. Alilretard1 on

    Nice work. Gave me goosebumps. Personally at one point while I was gone for that 5-7 minutes I saw and felt every question I had ever asked answered in it’s entirety. Of course I couldn’t tell you even one of those answers now but that is how it felt while I was there.

  3. Greg Simon on

    this is amazing Omniphobia, wise words
    DMT changed my life too, i knew that we were ‘one’ before DMT, but that was onyl knowledge. While on DMT.. i EXPERIENCED oneness, actually felt and know that there was a million of us ‘there’ but only one…. dmt users only get that
    peace my friend

  4. haisamasugi on

    i was born as a being of light , good in a world of darkness , evil …. and i now realised that all the pain and suffering i’ve lived is my …. energy. 🙂

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