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Botanical Incense DIABLO-PLATINUM Review+Trip Story

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DONT GET THIS STUFF CONFUSED WITH REGULAR DIABLO, I TRIED BOTH, AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY 100% DIFFERENT, this is like a planet compared to a wad of dirt, its much greater then regular diablo, alot of people got the shitty diablo thinking it was real, but the real one had a platinum sticker on it not made into the bag. I got this legal smoking blend called Diablo Platinum, at one point, besides salvia, the most potent euphoric high available, IN STORES, yuh i bought this shit at a gas station, beh

2 comments on “Botanical Incense DIABLO-PLATINUM Review+Trip Story

  1. themount0987 on

    @Drubsy you could say that, it is like the same category of legal smoke or herbal incense but the chemical sprayed on it is different than spice, and the intensity of diablo platinum vs spice makes spice look like a bag of grass

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