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Why Rock Dust?

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Information to help make an educated decision on the use of rock dust in your potting soil or garden.
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Here at BuildASoil we grow in a No-Till style Potting soil system and many of the growers that follow this process use rock dust in their recipes and swear by it. In this video you’ll find most of the information and sources used to formulate a decision on wether or not to use rock dust.
Free Resources On Rock Dust:
1. Bread From Stones
3. Lifes Rocky Start Science Documentary –
4. Rock Dust Primer – Thom Vanacore
5. Paramagnetism – Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth by Philip S Callahan Ph.D Book
6. Paramagnetism – A write up by Philip Callahan from Acres USA
7. Rock Dust Local!!

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