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WeeK5UpdateOnMy5X5 medical marijuana grow tent

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Ushio 600w 400w HPS 6″Valuline fan w/speed controller/6″Goblin Carbon filter Cheap ebay 5×5 tent Cheap walmart cir. fan Foxfarm Big bloom GH FloranovaBloom Floralicious garden gnome for safe keepings

5 comments on “WeeK5UpdateOnMy5X5 medical marijuana grow tent

  1. SF10DANK on

    i love ur grows dude . i have the same 5x5growlab so i can relate with u. also i just got me my 1 computer ever, a macbook pro to veiw ,& make vids. im still waiting on a house sale to go threw to show my real grows .yeas so as u can c im an awsome speller and i can figure out how to turn on the spell help,u know like on the iphones? r u familer with macbook? can u teelme how to turn spell assitance ?

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