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Weed Growing Closet – 1 Week from Harvest! Growing Marijuana Indoors!

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Subscribe to my channel for weekly updates! Including indoor growing tutorials and techniques… Visit: for more information!! These are some crazy fat buds… absolutely the fattest dankest colas I have ever laid eyes on!!! It is just about time to put them in the dark and shut down the water for the last 5 days or so… I’ll flush them with water once just to get some of the nutrients out and then cut them off of liquids all together… This is supposed to make them ooze

20 comments on “Weed Growing Closet – 1 Week from Harvest! Growing Marijuana Indoors!

  1. ne1cangrow on

    @meds681 its drying now… I have a partial video and I will add to it once it is dried and I get weights…. Its looking great though… a couple more days… =)

  2. NGT4LIFE on

    @ne1cangrow Organic fertilizer nutrients come directly from plants, previously living animals and/or their excrement. For example, decayed plant matter, animal manure, blood meal and bone meal all provide natural sources of essential nutrients.
    Organic fertilizers can not be taken up by plants directly. They must first be broken down by soil microbes before the fertilizer nutrients can be taken up by plant roots. Because of this, it may take longer to see results from organic fertilizers.

  3. yeaaboi85 on

    hey bro does putting ur plants in to darkness really help???? and its been awhile since an update or r u just waitin tilll the new channel is up and runnin??? look forward to the next vid!!!

  4. NGT4LIFE on

    @ne1cangrow Synthetic fertilizers are derived from manufactured or chemical versions of all the same essential nutrients. These fertilizers dissolve as soon as they come in contact with water and do not need soil microbes to break down the molecule bonds before they can be taken up by the plant roots. Because of this, you will generally see much quicker results from synthetic fertilizers.

  5. madmonkeyo03 on

    I would toss the rockwool altogether & get some rapid rooter plugs & some hydroton pebbles. Just my 2 cents. Lol Great videos tho, I’ve been watching them for a while now. Keep up the great work!!

  6. ne1cangrow on

    @ljflorida I have found that flushing too much removes all flavor and most of the smell… I think the more naturally grown has the best taste because it doesn’t need any flushing at all.. But tastes in buds is as varied as taste in fine wine… it all depends on what you like. =)

  7. hcorebabysean on

    @debomasterflex Organic is bullshit, all organic means is that it has a carbon atom in it… everything is organic unless its completely artificially made, which can still have carbon

  8. ne1cangrow on

    @meds681 I am growing that specifically for the keef… My friend grew some and that strawberry sweet smell was transferred to taste in the keef.. It tasted like strawberries…!! The actual weed didn’t taste like that nut the keef was nice…. =)

  9. ne1cangrow on

    @debomasterflex exactly… organic to me is a pile of horse crap and a shovel… not bottled “micro” nutrients that say “organic”… But the guy at the hydro store I go to explained that some of the non-organic nutrients have heavy metals in them that can’t be flushed… and some of it is really bad for you after long term use. The “organic” stuff is not supposed to contain any of that… and I am all for less harmful additives.. =)

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