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The Split Technique – Training Your Plant To Increase Yield Indoors ☞

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17 comments on “The Split Technique – Training Your Plant To Increase Yield Indoors ☞


    How about a 24 hour cycle in the left closet and mix out the plants 12 hours each instead of killing it.. Sounds like a lot of work but it will only be for 30 more days.. or at least a few more weeks and you will get double the existing weight

  2. NGT4LIFE on

    the splitting technique is cool.but surely scrog would be alot easier
    and youll get the same or better results,plus youll be able to control the height better too.

  3. dank1thevandal on

    don’t ya hate having merc a girl especially that far in! but have you thought of adding a cfl or 2 down in the lower part of girls to create a sort of vertical scrog setup, could be more yield? i see it’s evident by even the bud you had on the one that just got axed that you’ve got the formula down. yo good vid keep em coming

  4. Trojandan1331 on

    I like the clothes hangers idea, Ha it looks like they were made for that. I know you said you dont want to put up a screen cuz you like to take your plants out but this is a lot like it. You should grow a screen one time through and see if the yield is any different. keep the vids coming!!!

  5. Trapt1nw0nder on

    You’re on my top 5 fav growers on here…. I love your style… Very unique, and you are a wise dude, with some common sense, and I like that you’re not afraid to seem “ghetto” on your approach with your techniques…. Love it, and I must try this!….. You got me wanting to try GH line now, instead of wasting alot of money on other more expensive nutes….. (yea… those)… right on, man!… Keep the knowledge coming! really enjoy your vids!

  6. theclosetfarmer on

    @NGT4LIFE Not really… with a SCROG I would have to work all the limbs through the screen and keep working them through until they were all above the screen… this way all I do is split it and forget it… =)

  7. stoner3778 on

    and people thought i was mad killing a plant that was 4 weeks into veg. sometime you have to do what yu have to do. it lookes like a hard choice but the right choice. hope all turns out great bro. peace.

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