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The Pro-Grow 400 LED Grow – The Bloom pt. 5

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Grow Stats as of January 5, 2012: Grow Light: Pro-Grow 400 LED grow light from Hydroponics Hut Area: 5 x 3 grow tent, 160cfm fan/filter. All plants were vegged under a Pro-Grow 260 (full spectrum) at 18/6 then moved into the Bloom-Room at 12/12. 3 to 5 gallon smart-pots (fabric) with Fox Farms soil, Earth Juice organic dry mix nutrients added. 2 – Aurora Indicas (Week 5 bloom) 2 Blue Mystic (BM-G week 5, BM-D week 4) 1 White Widow (Week 4 bloom) 1 Mystery Sativa (Week 9 bloom) 1 Mystery Indica (

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