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The Closet Farmer – Indoor Marijuana Growing Techniques

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12 comments on “The Closet Farmer – Indoor Marijuana Growing Techniques

  1. theclosetfarmer on

    @DANKmarshmallowS they don’t look that good for day 38 under 600 watts… you need some good nutrients and get rid of the bugs even if they aren’t on the plant.

  2. DANKmarshmallowS on

    @theclosetfarmer yea they were under cfls for the first month there female :] and i got some green light neem ii dont know if its any good but it killed alot of bugs i just have thes tiny worms i dont know what they are ther kkilling my plant :[ hope they dont get to my haze or all set the closet on fire

  3. theclosetfarmer on


    Barneys Farm Red Dragon Feminized
    Sex : Feminized
    Type : Indica / Sativa
    Flowering : Photoperiod
    Genetics : Brazilian. Afghani
    Flowering Time : Medium
    Outdoor Harvest : Mid/End September
    Height : Medium
    THC Level : 23%
    Characteristics : exotic sativa high

    Barneys Farm Red Dragon Feminized is another cannabis hybrid with the red line genetics. The seed breeders crossed an exotic Himalayan Kush with a true breeding Brazilian Sativa (Utopia Haze)

  4. theclosetfarmer on

    @Prodigygrower To tell you the truth… you should stay away from Doggies Nuts.. I wouldn’t buy anything with their name on it again. I paid for 10 feminized seeds and planted 6… 2 didn’t even pop open, 3 were males and I only got 1 female.. I have 4 seeds left and those will probably all be males… if you can find the same strain by a different seed company BUY IT… The Doggies Nuts Genetics aren’t what they are cracked up to be… way over priced IMHO…

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