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T5 Short Stuff Auto-flower Grow – Day 63

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The buds are oozing today! Just began flush yesterday on 8 of the 20 plants. A lot more yellowing in the room now, really ugly from the pictures and video but in person you can see the bud in detail, they are covered in trichomes. We will upload a video when it’s harvested to show off the colors, a lot of purple hues showing up on the Himalayan Blue Diesel’s lets hope they stay.

17 comments on “T5 Short Stuff Auto-flower Grow – Day 63

  1. TheBushDoctors on

    @essellkay No problem. There are two 16 bulbs over the 20 autos and one 8 bulb over the babies vegging. For more details check the other videos, it’s already been discussed on the comments of one of the previous videos.

  2. TheBushDoctors on

    @chuckdeez1000 Yeah for now that’s enough to veg with. If you add an 8 bulb you should do good especially if you keep the plants short so the light can penetrate.

  3. TheBushDoctors on

    @craigo101 Thanks. Something about them brings out the color. Probably better spectrum and better use of the light because the light is able to be placed so close to the plants. I’m not 100 percent sure if that’s why but we’ve noticed the closer to the light the more color comes out especially on our Super Cali Haze.

  4. TheBushDoctors on

    @DankyWeed Thanks, thats much appreciated. Not trying to claim any titles but we have seen some crazy results with T5’s. Better than we ever expected and we watched tons of YouTube videos prior to purchasing these lights.

  5. TheBushDoctors on

    @davidlawless08 I bought mine off of Ebay. All the way T5 not a bit of light from any other source. No you would not get better results with a 600 watt hps. Each 16 bulb T5 unit claims to replace 1000w HPS. I don’t know if it’s quite that high but one 16 bulb definitely replaces around 800w of HPS light.

  6. chuckdeez1000 on

    @TheBushDoctors thier 2 weeks old and just for now is that ok to grow i will later get a 8 t5 once i get paid in about two weeks but just for now i only have 5 but thier young just veggie

  7. chuckdeez1000 on

    hey i have a 4 bulb t5 8000 lumens and another 1 bulb t52000 lumens great nutirents great seed is that enough lights or do i need more i only have 8 plants growing in a small room?

  8. TheBushDoctors on

    @chuckdeez1000 Doubtful, I mean they will grow but I don’t see that being much light to bud 8 plants with. What are the dimensions of the room and roughly what size are the plants?

  9. TheBushDoctors on

    @SoCashed Thanks. Just wait until you get to see the finished product, without all the yellowing leaves in the way. Some of the best I’ve ever grown even out of the photo-period strains I’ve grown.

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