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T5 Autoflower Room – Day 55 – Russian Rocket Fuel, Red Dwarf, Syrup & Deimos

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Plants are budding great but just like with our last auto-flower grow we seem to be running into deficiency problems. Leaves were yellowing, purple stems and even some rust spots? We were only running 50 percent flowering nutes and after a few weeks of flowering the plants started discoloring. We are going to increase feedings to see if that helps. PH has been consistent at 6.5 with our EC approaching 2.0. We may try running some organics with the autos next time because this could just be a rea

20 comments on “T5 Autoflower Room – Day 55 – Russian Rocket Fuel, Red Dwarf, Syrup & Deimos

  1. TheBushDoctors on

    @ArizonaMMJ I agree there is much work to be done with them but for veg purposes there is nothing greater and I believe the same can be achieved in flowering. The thing about flowering with LED’s is the spectrum and bulb angles. I have been following a company that produces full spectrum white LED’s and the veg results are there, I’m just waiting to see flowering results.

  2. TheBushDoctors on

    @ArizonaMMJ Which Blackstars did you get? And what spectrum options did you guys go with? I don’t think I could get a better spectrum for my T5, maybe? But the Quantum spectrum is amazing,I can’t believe the speed and health and size of the growth I get.My only complaints with T5’s is their size and they still pull about the same amount of amps as HID lighting,they just run slightly cooler.For 1/4 of the amps, I can run LED with same results (except flowering maybe?) with no heat.

  3. TheBushDoctors on

    @bt4b4 They are not N deficient. And our Magical has been running double the dose but it has helped. I think just stepping up feeding should fix the problem. Feed at 50% every three days doesn’t seem to ever be enough for the auto-flowers with this line.

  4. ArizonaMMJ on

    @TheBushDoctors I hear ya. I liked them for Veg but Flowering they fall short unless you have 1000’s of watts going over a very small amount of plants. Doesn’t work for commercial production at all.

  5. bt4b4 on

    No no no…not over watering like that. Just saying , feed ,water water, is to much I think. Love ur videos man, just hate to see yellowing. I just thought maybe go feed, water, feed may help…..just my thoughts, good luck man. No disrespect brother !

  6. TheBushDoctors on

    @bt4b4 The only two plants that are underfed are the ones which leaves you see shooting towards the light.This is not an over-watering problem, I thank you for the input but the symptoms are nothing similar to over watering.And that would mean we would be having water run off and poor absorption but our plants are eating great,just the health of the older leaves is slipping. We either need to run a stronger mix or start foliar feeding I believe because all symptoms are deficiency related.

  7. TheBushDoctors on

    @bt4b4 It is confusing though because we don’t seem to have this problem with any photoperiod strains we grow just the autoflowers so we have got to be underfeeding or the autoflowers can’t handle the mix we run.

  8. ArizonaMMJ on

    View my videos to get an idea of what you can expect running a total of 500 watt flowering models over 3 plants. We raised the lights for the video. You actually need to keep them super close.

    As for better Spectrum on the T5 bulbs. No one knows what spectrum the Quantum bloom bulbs are. They never shared it. I would however recommend building your own PAR spectrum by mixing bulbs like an Actinic, Coral Wave, Red Sun and a 72.25 this will build a great spectrum.

    Google “led without led”

  9. TheBushDoctors on

    @bt4b4 I think perhaps we have been taken too long on weening them up on the feedings. I think we need to step up to higher ratio earlier in flowering then we have been. Only good thing is on this grow it didn’t start to yellow out until it was just about flush time so won’t effect the quality but I don’t think we’ll be yielding quite as well as normal due to running the feedings lighter. If feeding heavier doesn’t solve it next time we’ll have to look at more additives or a different lineup.

  10. TheBushDoctors on

    @bt4b4 Thanks for the input. No disrespect taken, just trying to explain things ya know. I have thought about feeding on that cycle but I don’t think it would be a smart move being that this is a synthetic line and they recommend feed, water, water especially with soil-less mix. I could easily overnute, lock out or shock my plants by increasing feedings like that.We have only been running 50% strength so we are going to step up to 75% or 100% and see if that helps.

  11. TheBushDoctors on

    @ArizonaMMJ But a lot of people have problem with LED’s because they buy what they think are full spectrum bulbs (the ones that put off a purple pinkish look) are actually not full spectrum. They contain all of the spectrum but not in the same proportions as the sun. They do not work well for veg (its a red based spectrum) so therefore you cannot expect to do well in flower without a proper vegged plant. It took me a while to understand this marketing scheme.

  12. TheBushDoctors on

    @ArizonaMMJ Thanks for this info. I’m going to look into it. As of right now if I do go LED I’m still going to need a few HPS for supplemental flowering light but I really like these white LEDS because you can see your plants good and your room doesn’t look a off color, just like normal light.But for now I’m thinking of sticking T5’s out another year or so to see what happens in the LED industry and trying my own spectrum like that may increase yield.I don’t think I can increase speed anymore.

  13. ArizonaMMJ on

    I hear you. We have tried the Blackstars and they are great for Veg. Horrible for flower. Our friends are trying the HydroGrow and Penetrator lED now for flower and it’s also disappointing. You should give T5 more try but with better bulbs and a better spectrum.

    You need Aquarium bulbs.

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