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step by step marijuana grow (wk 5) –

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Marijuana plant 5th week of flowering, show u signs of plant being done

12 comments on “step by step marijuana grow (wk 5) –

  1. GrowHouseBuilders on

    @2451Charlie – those r the same systems i use in all my pics and videos. every strain varies so much, you could get 1-6oz per plant. since your overhead is short, id personally grow a shorter strain (single stalks). u should get 1oz per plant. use 1 light on a light rail . or 2 lights if u r unable to use a light rail… introduce nutes once you introduce plants to flowering

  2. 2451Charlie on

    Hey boss, I looked at your website, but couldn’t find a recommendation on plant per square foot growing hydro (ebb & flow system where the bucket sits directly on the ground). Also, I’m working with 36 sq ft, 4-5 feet head room sloping down from the middle. Following all of your recommendations for using CO2, nutes, etc…, what would you say my yield should or could be per plant? I know it also depends on the strain of plant. If i go straight to flower, when do i introduce nutes? Thx bud!

  3. GrowHouseBuilders on

    @caliherbs – ya that was my goal, but they wouldnt let me upload a vid that long (15mins). so i condensed them all down, broke into single vids…. now i get email saying im now eligible to upload long vids.. LOL .. so now i guess ill compile all into 1 vid and upload it… this way allows viewers the option of only viewing the week they need to see. Kinda like picking your own chapter to read.. but this shit was annoying as hell posting a million vids.. thank god i was high

  4. ericEdouble on

    After you have flushed, do you not turn the lights out on them for 2/3 days? Then cut and trim. I have always seen this to increase bud size and density.

  5. 2451Charlie on

    @GrowHouseBuilders Thanks again for your response Bud! Great info as always, but could you recommend how many plants per sq ft for the 36 sq ft I have. Thanks from a Newb.

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