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Setting Up A Hydroponic Grow Room ~ let’s recap

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Tips and tricks in setting up a hydroponic grow room, basic info for anyone wanting to go hydro for their next grow

20 comments on “Setting Up A Hydroponic Grow Room ~ let’s recap

  1. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower With new found techniques of growing many so called “weed farmers” began testing out these new growing techniques of separating the roots from the soil. With this new technique being used it was then that Hydro or Hydroponic weed was born. Hydroponic Weed is defiantly one of the most potent of all due to this amazing growing technique, the high that you will get from smoking this cannabis is a very long lasting and strong effect so this is not recommended for the amateur smokers.

  2. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 ya man, this is my point. Its not cool to tell new grows that because they dont know about growing propoganda. so if you tell them it will be 8 times more potent in hydro they’ll think theres no point in doing soil or soiless and think that they Have to spend a bunch of money on a hydro set-up to get good weed. Mabey you better tell new growers that hydro is much less forgiving on new growers ehh…or mabey consider that alot of ppl dont have the money to throw around like you…

  3. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 its funny how you see preaching something means its fact…..saying” it increase essential oils, aroma, and potency in hydroponics crops” explains nothing about HOW it increasing Thc levels.and like i said resin level and thc level are 2 differnt things. You should talk to a reputable breeder if you doubt me…..

  4. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower I see you’re familiar with Roger W Sperry, thats cool, I like being creative and approaching things in a less analytical perspective… the world needs guys like me, the adventurous, jump right in the deep end type of guys….. But it also needs guys like you who pick apart every minute detail and scrutinise it to death… life would be boring without opposites… Sure, it’s good to know all these $5.00 words, but if you use them to berate your fellow man, they aren’t worth a dime.

  5. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower You are the one misinformed. You say you done your research but you don’t send any credible facts. All I have done is copy and paste the info I found in the first 5 minutes and I believe it is more credible than your opinions.

  6. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010what does the history of hydro have to do with this?
    what if you grow a strain that is tested at 11%thc like JIllybean, do u actually think that genetic make-up of this plant will be changed when grown in hydro and make it 25%THC? which isnt even 8x like you said. THC is based on genetics, resin production is based on enviroment. Resin amount has nothing to do with THC%

  7. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower The modern history of hydro begins in the 17th century, when Jean van Helmont’s flawed yet hugely significant “Willow Tree Experiment” proved that plants obtain substances from water. Horticultural scientists soon began a struggle aimed at separating roots from dirt and uncovering new ways to provide nutrients to crops grown in non-traditional environments.

  8. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 befor the 70’s everything was grown outdoors so breed projects were extrmly hard and just didnt really happen thats y most of all weed was imported….. Do your own research, dont just take someones word for it. Everything you wrote doesnt at all give any evidence y hydro would effect thc level…

  9. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 I can see your a right brained thinker and i am a left brained thinker so i should just stop trying to debate you, it just dont work. And when did i ever say or write i got all my information from forum buddys? I learned growing from them but that doesnt mean all my information on cannabis came from one source on a forum, Forums are a way to discuss your research with others, Asking a couple questions on a form is not research in my books, thats just opinoins from a few ppl…..

  10. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 there were no facts at all in any of those post telling anything about a 8x THC increase in strains grown in hydro. all i see is just alot of running around the question…. and u ask where i got this info. Well the Thc and Resin not having a connetion is from a recent study published in 1 of the recent high times,not sure witch one,also my info comes from books,growers,Breeders,internet research,knowledge of how gentics work and common sense that has guilt over the years

  11. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower It is A fact that hydro produces more potent bud. If you are looking at the seed bank thc percentage then you are misinformed. they also tell you that you will get 1 once per plant and hydro produces much more,lol

  12. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 I have done the research thats y im sayin your statement is false. you are getting off topic too. Everyone knows plants grow bigger and faster and alswell as more resin. But as recent studys have shown that resin amount has nothing to do with THC amount. Hydropinics does not alter genetics period.nor does it raise thc levels 8x….. All these statements sound like there coming from a Hydroponic Salesman……

  13. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower Is that all you got??? I said 8 times higher? I think everyone knows I was making a point about more potent.8 times more potent is just to get my point across. More potent

  14. DrAutoflower on

    @GanjaPapa2010 im not sure who Roger W Sperry is, but i learnt all about that stuff in a job training course and i was told that ppl like me usally cant have a discussions or debates with ppl like you because most often it ends in ppl like me being pissed off and annoyed and ppl like you feeling hurt and affended. And yes i am very analytical and blunt. so in the future i will try not to debate u as much. But ive been taught by my forum friends to never tolerate misinformation. i dont and cant.

  15. GanjaPapa2010 on

    @DrAutoflower ok so we agree to disagree. I guess we will have to let our viewers decide who is right by watching the grow off competition. In my opinion you can’t get the facts off your forum I get my facts off the internet from research,get ready ,set,Lets GROW,lol

  16. MrArchious on

    i did research an you both have good points but hydroponics grows every thing faster thats been provin and quallity is in the way you take care of the plant you can have the best strain an if you dont take care of it right its going to be babbage

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