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Room C – Multi Strain Grow – Part 3

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Just going over a few things with the room and the plants in this one. Enjoy!

20 comments on “Room C – Multi Strain Grow – Part 3

  1. TheCrunchymango on

    @Professorgreenthumb sorry was rushing out n high,this is a crazy set up,blow from inside yes but creating positive pressure(no matter how slight) is bad,the c02 will pour under the door,not to mention smells and come the hot weather he will struggle hard to cool the room,its wrong,id blow air from inside(seal hole)pull air via a filter up high(just slight neg pressure)as this will leak way less co2(via filter) and give him the little fresh air he wants in his room.cont 2

  2. dirtyknees201 on

    ice is generaly quite a small plant is it not? the pre flowering would make sense for its hairy finish. ive never grown this strain though ive just looked into the heavily.

  3. christianbubbles on

    hey GROWERMD can you show how to germinating cannabis seed all the step like germination how many days it will take and transplanting well nyce grow i love all of your videos and thanks for sharing you are luky becose were you live is legal by the other hand were i live is not so forget what i say peace and keep the world green some day i will make the world green to be a better place to live

  4. TeamGRN420 on

    @GrowerMD what do you mean by suffocate? are you not running the burner constantly? can you explain a lil better, theres not a whole lot of info out there in terms of co2 injection, and Ive just been struggling through it in my own setup. Id love to hear all your thought and theory’s, as well as see YOUR results, so i have something to compare to.

  5. TheCrunchymango on

    @GrowerMD a room with slight negative pressure will hardley remove any c02 if set up correctly,as long as your pulling air out at a small amount from up by the cieling it will be fine as the C02 will sit low in the room(even when stirred by fans it will drop again quickly),i get the room is sealed however it will be going under your door as it must escape somehow(as your pushing more in with the fan right) and the worst place for c02 loss is low down(IE under doors) continue on no 2..

  6. dirtyknees201 on

    ice is generaly quite a small plant is it not? the pre flowering would make sense for its hairy finish. ive not grown this strain yet but i have looked into it heavily.

  7. TheCrunchymango on

    @Professorgreenthumb cont from 1.i get he wants fresh air but this is not the way,even if he pulled via a high mounted filter set on low it will work fine and provide enough fresh air,id drop the fan out unless drawing from inside the room,i see wot he wants however its not a good way to achieve his goal,its made worse by it being so sealed as the only place to leak out the extra air is under the door and c02 will be sitting low(front/back wall/corners) and it will pour out

  8. TheCrunchymango on

    @GrowerMD cont from 1,by pushing air into the room with the fan air MUST escape as the pressure will be inside your room than outside(even a tiny amount of diff will do this)so it will escape under the door where your highest levels of c02 are sitting(fans or no fans),also come hotter weather you will struggle to cool your room and the smell,the only way id use that fan is blowing from inside the room not outside,i hope im wrong but im not,not to mention smells,still all the very best

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