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Room B – Green Crack Cannabis Grow – Part 3

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Taking a minute to discuss this upcoming grow featuring the X nutrients line. Big thanks for them for hooking it up for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to show them some love. Thanks for watching!

20 comments on “Room B – Green Crack Cannabis Grow – Part 3

  1. moneyspydr44 on

    Why would you spray on anything on your buds ? ??? ? Big no no but would love to see the results….. Wouldnt want to be the taste tester aaaaaaa…………

  2. SuperJmurder1 on

    i saw on your nutrient shelf you have cal carb have you used it ? i have it and am a little weary as to using it, because i heard it leaves a calcium film on your leaves. thanks

  3. bababludrawz on

    had a question in pt 1 of this series, am on quest to
    find out the sativa genetics in this strain ,am currently running this strain with an’s 2 part ph
    perfect…great results with it so far…thanx 4 help…keepit green

  4. CannaReaper on

    I use a sprayer I got from Home Depot called Flo-Master 1-Gallon Economy Sprayer for under 10 bucks works good and will save you time mixing and spraying your garden.

  5. marcneon69 on

    @GrowerMD .i have used this and it works well…also can you send message of shops you use… i have been going to FWC in south area.
    I have been following your video’s from back when it was in your apartment and you only had 2 tents. i am doing the same from your past posts, and am having very good turn outs. can you put some of old videos?

  6. TheCrunchymango on

    i foliar spray my plants plenty and that sprayer is going to wear thin real fast……look at getting the bigger pump sprayer with the wand,not only can you mix up more than a litre but its not a pain spraying them its a joy when you see them take up nutes and grow so healthy/fast….never seen X nutes b4 though so ill be watching to see how they shape up……

  7. Bret1Maverick on

    Cool thing i just learne about foliar is like if your half way through blooming, and have a huge nitrogen def. You can foliar with veg nutriants, and still feed with the bloom. I didnt know that and did a feeding of veg nutraints to the rootzone, on a plant that got too yello after the midcycle flush, so it needed some nitrogen, since it has another month to go. Neet line. im exited

  8. GrowerMD on

    @SuperJmurder1 i have used it and it works well during veg but yes it does leave residue but it has never effected anything and typically grows out within a few days.

  9. MsGrowbud on

    man all I have is a few clones and a bush, thats enough to make my arm feel funny about an hour when I spray them down; can’t emagine that workout.. and I saw you other video with the trim looking foward to canncheff md’s video my mom is as well…

  10. bababludrawz on

    had great results with is line using bud plus by nutri plus,and hydroplex on another run…using big
    bud and beastie blooms in a booster shootout next run…use at half dose during transition ,the synthetics r a little strong,good luck…peace

  11. bkpickell on

    @moneyspydr44 If you are careful you won’t get any on the buds. I have foliar sprayed in the past, and when the plants are flowering I just sprayed the lower branches that were primarily fan leaves.

  12. Bret1Maverick on

    Does the “micro” have micronutriants, or is it just a fancy word, for babies? I alwasy thought floramicro was micronutraints, untill yesterday. I seen the 5, on the Npk ratio for the Nitrogen, and went”screw this”. I use an organic micronutraint as needed, called Microblast. I might swich back to botanicares cal-mag plus, but it doesnt have as many differnt micronutraints, as microblast.

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