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Master Grower Project Flower Finale

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BUY HERE! – – Get the Remote Power Supply Option. The shootout shows just how effective the new Pro 420 PAR is in a sealed room environment. Side by side competition between a 1000 Watt MH for Veg and then 1000Watt HPS for Flowering, against a lone 420 watt full spectrum light by Inda-Gro for both Veg and Flower. The results will surely improve with less height off the canopy! Come back for the next Shootout; 2 Pro420PAR Inda-Gro Lights up against 1 1000Watt MH combo.

5 comments on “Master Grower Project Flower Finale

  1. GrowLightSource on

    @rusty273273 There is about a 10% heat addition. I have a Remote Power Supply Options, with special 10 and 20 foot high voltage cables, this option cuts the heat addition in half, to 5%. To learn more, and to buy the lights with the remote power supply, visit the GrowLightSource channel, click the link to grow-light-source website, where those options are offered exclusively. Thanks for the good questions!

  2. rusty273273 on

    Great looking plants at half the power .Electric rates took a 44% jump in the last 12 months here where I live . It would seem to me that the bulb doesn’t produce as much heat as the MH/HPS thus making it easier to keep the room temps under control . I’m wondering how much the ballast creates and how far away you can place it from the lamp itself . I’m seriously thinking of getting one of these Inda-Gro lamps for my small grow room . Great video thanks ! Looking forward to more .

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