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induction grow lights

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these are electrodeless magnetic induction lights . they run cool , you can put your hand on the lights while on and they are barely over body temp . at 300 watts they have about as much light output as a 1000w HID light. these lights are also rated for 100000 hours ! 2 X the life of LED set ups ! and no need for A/C , i cant see where the down side is , but after my testing i’ll let ya know lol . shout-out and thanks to TheOrigionalAlf , who showed me there is more than HID and LED out there .

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  1. isofaster on

    @ArizonaMMJ right now the veg room has a 400 watt metal halide , the bloom room has a 1000watt high pressure sodium and a 1000watt metal halide , these rotate on a sun-circle .

  2. isofaster on

    @ArizonaMMJ not at the moment , i will be doing some trials with these and go from there . my local hydro shop is closing , the closest one will be 1 . 5 hour drive away , i may have to open something up to fill the gap lol .

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