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How To Top Marijuana Plants – Topping Marijuana

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18 comments on “How To Top Marijuana Plants – Topping Marijuana

  1. OMMPgrower on

    I don’t top that way. I used to but I like the new way I learned better. I now use the method from the video called “coma tops em again” its in my favorites. do you think one way is better then the other and if so why?

  2. crazybangalifarmer on

    nice demo cuz!! wicked man i am an absolute fanatic 0f plant auxins n h0rm0nes manipulation, i top twice first startin with very small plants like u d0, but than i start super cr0pping and l0w stress training. s0 if y0u leave 8 branches at the same height level the auxins redistribte themselves t0 the highest p0ints 0f the plant (those 8 branches) and will think all 8 0f these branches are tops. respect t0 u br0 f0r sh0wing the people this awes0me meth0d of strcturing and shaping the plants,

  3. stoner3778 on

    great demmo bro. that was a lot of plant that yu cut off but. i find doing it when there that old yu have more chance of breaking the stem when the plant is mature. seems 2 leave a weak point where you made the cut. mine have split long ways after using same method.not diss’n yu style just lett’n yu no what happend 2 me. PEACE BRO..

  4. crazybangalifarmer on

    i first learnt ab0ut this gr0wing climbing fl0wering plants like passion flower vines and clematis, its easier with climbing plants t0 create an upside d0wn flat triangle shape, bt i have heard that cannabis plants properly topped continuously can turn int0 beautiful upside d0wn pyranid shapes, i will try this next time strictly topping only no LST or supercr0pping. will be watching u keenly cuz as i kn0w wat can d0 just wanna see h0w y0u veg in detail t0 get such awes0me plants! PEACE N L0VE

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