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How To Grow Marijuana Indoors – Part 2

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19 comments on “How To Grow Marijuana Indoors – Part 2

  1. TheeBudGuru on

    Why are you people bitchin at him for wanting to sell his information? I don’t see anybody bitchin when they purchase Jorge’s or Mr. Green’s books!

  2. chrismain91 on

    Common bro, you just killed it with you making us pay now, well at least make the dvd cheap,I mean we’re trying to learn to save money, to ditch the dealer. And don’t make it in HD if its gonna be a download of 5 to 10 GB. Still don’t feel like paying when your on youtube already.

  3. freshray420 on

    I used to watch your stuff all the time,now your charging,I’ve never unsubscribed to anyone on youtube till just now,your an asshole dude,hope your movie gets powdery mildew u fag!

  4. MigelMeUp on

    @stoner3778 I’m just curious, can customs get you? Like, from the online orders? How did you do it? I would definitely do it iff there’s no major risk of me buying from an importer LOL. I saw it was ‘shipped discretely’ on the website, but what does that mean? I’d really appreciate some help man. Thanks in advance 😀 And iff you don’t use that website, how do you get your seeds? :O

  5. hogridingfathippy on

    i’m not 100% sure but i think that hennepdesk will let you upload your grow videos. also dr autoflower has a bud tube channel. just thought you might be interested. i’d like to see how you are venting those cabinets. good luck & take care

  6. Dozz70 on

    @freshray420 Are you an idiot…sure sounds like it punk! You obviously have not been keeping up with current events. He does not have a choice anymore….Youtube…the Video Nazis….keep deleting his vids and there is no reason for it. They have singled him out. Grow Up!!

  7. ReeferRevolution on

    @Dozz70 everyone gets constant videos deleted and channels banned. ever heard of mariujanaman 1 mariunaman or 2marijuanaman????? i dont even get that many veiws and i have had a bunch of videos deleted.

  8. stoner3778 on

    @MigelMeUp well. get on line attitude seeds put a order in and start growing mate. they are illeagle but dont let that stop yu. i diddnt. ha ha ha. we need more aussie growers. do it bro. do it.

  9. freshray420 on

    @Dozz70 youtube nazi’s…your charging people money to watch a 5 hour grow video,and I’m an idiot,go lock yourself in that closet and throw away the key…rock and roll!

  10. Prodigygrower on

    Y would some one buy that when there is a 100 channels out there who give just as good if not better instructions than you jus some one else trying to get paid of the canna community it u dnt know where other channels are just click on my channel and I’m subscribed to over 150 bad ass grower who do this and much more

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