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How I Grow Weed – Nutrients – PH – Rockwool – Growing Marijuana Indoors

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20 comments on “How I Grow Weed – Nutrients – PH – Rockwool – Growing Marijuana Indoors

  1. top5ranger on

    @lopoleon well hydroponics is usually ran 24/7 if using a top dripper or aero. some people will only set them for 15min on 3 hours off. but if doing a flow and ebb table then its set to 3 times a day for 15 min intervals. head over to rollitup(.)org nice forum for info

  2. ne1cangrow on

    @RipThaJacka54 seeds and seedlings should get water only until they get a root system.. then a mild nutrient solution until it gets big enough (5-8 inches tall) to switch to the full nutrient solution. That is the way I do it any way… just gradually step up the nutrients with the plants growth… not giving them enough is always better than giving them too much… less is more… etc… =)

  3. top5ranger on


    oh i see lol well hey your next video should be a SOG or LST tutorial, sure it would be great for your viewers. remember who gave you the idea 😉 you have one beautiful garden man

  4. chauchie69 on

    holy fuck dude, is that trainwreck one plant? that makes me soo happy to see that 😀 i have 3 fem’d trainwreck seeds waiting to go into germ. good fucking job man! hope i can get to that level of growing.

  5. ne1cangrow on

    @MrLimbo187 my cabinets stay right between 70 – 85 degrees.. 70 at night and 85 during the day… and as far as nutrients goes… if you can’t find good nutrients locally… you’ll need to look for some online. It’ll cost to have them shipped but it will be well worth it. They don’t sell good nutrients at Wal-Mart Home Depot or Lowes…

  6. ne1cangrow on

    @top5ranger they grew too tall too fast… I usually keep them lower and don’t have to split them up.. you should have seen the last grow… SOG full five plants in one cabinet.. PACKED with soda can sized colas… =) This grow just got out of hand and I am trying to make it till the end… =)

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