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GrowyourmedsOMMP Medical Marijuana Grow.

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My growroom for oregon medical marijuana. 1 Cherry slyder 4 The Purps 4 Bulldog x Hashplant I got from Nightflierlives!

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  1. GrowYourMedsOMMP on

    Hey hey, thanks for watching. I was hoping you would see this. Keep watching, I popped the 4 bulldog x hashplant seeds you gave me, 2.5 days the taproots were nearly 4 inches long. Awesome because the night before they had just cracked. Can’t wait to see what phenotypes I get here of these bulldogs. I can only keep 6 plants, plan to keep the cherry slyder, at least 2 purps and at least 1 bulldog x hashplant, we will see what I get for females. Always need new strains new cycle

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